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Status PowerFlow is a Web-Based Workflow Management System.

PowerFlow offering a complete as well as well-suited development environment for form flow through commercialized forms and flow dragging design interface.

As a core system inside the Company, the e-form system needs to integrate information with other systems such as PR, ERP, and documents system etc.

Moreover, Status Internet Co., Ltd. fulfills requirements from integration interfaces through Web Service and provides standard API to facilitate your integration with respect to other application systems, and Chinese and English operation-interface for your operation uses.

Form Management
  • Make forms through E-Form Designer simple dragging design.
  • Flow dragging design interface.
  • Set form execution status such as agent signoff, withdrawal and return steps, signoff allowance and reminding, omitted signoff joints of structure and archiving operation.
  • Set extended programs in each time point during signoff process such as executive programs after form transmission, application withdrawal, return application, signoff and archiving completion.
  • Set background programs for integrating HTML forms and database.

  • System will automatically select signoff persons for each perusal joint of structure based on process after the form application.
  • Browse application records and track signoff status such as disposition, time and suggestions of each joint of structure at any time.

Form Signoff
  • Signoff person of each joint of structure may continue operation pursuant to its extent of power, which includes: end process, continue to transmit, return and return to the former step for signoff.
  • Equipped with batch signoff and return functions.
  • Browse disposition, signoff time and suggestions of each joint of structure.

Smart Phone
  • Provide intelligent phone platform (iOS, Android) signoff function.
  • Browse and sign off forms to be signed off.